2012 Conference Handouts

Keynote Presentation Dr. Michael Stephens
Trends & Tech Presentation Dr. Michael Stephens
Changing from Dewey Michelle Havenga
Collection Management Cameron Duff
Is EBSCO a Part of Your Emergency Survival Kit? Lisa Dennis
Leadership:Growing Your Strengths and Capitalizing on the Assets of Others Rhonda Shipp
Leadership handout Rhonda Shipp
Know Your Audience Brenda L. Thomson
Origami Links Steve Whisenand and Eva Dahlgren
Storytime Puppet Tips and Tricks Judy Sierra
Unlocking the Mystery of Family History Elaine Hayes
Genalogy bibliobliography Elaine Hayes
A Vision of 21st Century Libraries Susan Hildreth
Design Principles Nancy Marlatt
What the Tech is That?
Unemployment Insurance Marian Sisneros
A Library's First Year with eBooks: Lessons Learned Ryan Brennan & Betsy O’Neil
Fad or Fab? iPads in the Classroom Melissa Bowles-Terry, Kaijsa Calkins, & Cheryl Goldenstein
Contact with the schools and Library Media People in your district Ara Anderson
School & Public Library Cooperation 2012 Sue Knesel
Changing Lives through Literature Shari Haskins & Gloria Brodle
Changing Lives brochure Shari Haskins & Gloria Brodle
Healthy Dose of Information Jim Honour

Association Meeting Files and Reports